The Cartier Maillon de Cartier jewelry watch collection is edge and modern with a twist

Cartier is the creator of many masterpieces from 1911 to date. During this long journey, they have given the world some stellar pieces, icons in their own right; whether it is the creation of the mystery pocket watch or the extravagant Bismarck sapphire necklace from 1935 or the love bracelet from the 60’s they have created pieces that could well be termed legendary and are still remembered and even revamped and worn. The reason I am mentioning their history is that their latest work in 2020 looks like something that could be one of their most stunning jewelry watches. I know I am not forgetting what I have seen in the form of Cartier’s Maillon de Cartier collection. Comprised of seven gold references in jewelry, high jewelry, and limited editions, everything about this watch collection denotes dynamic movement. Some might take it as a reinterpretation of the very famous Cartier Tank watch but that’s hardly the case. The latest collection romances the theme of using different shapes- hexagonal to be precise, like no other. This time with a six-sided case, the Maillon de Cartier measures in at about 16-mm by 17-mm. essentially twisted links, the bracelet is composed of offset links that echo the shape of the bezel. The hexagonal dial is also twisted and aligned to follow the flow of the bracelet. The collection includes a piece, bezel, and case, which is crafted entirely out of 18K rose gold. There are two pieces that come with rose gold and white gold body, both with bezels enriched with 25 brilliant-cut diamonds. The show-stealer has to be the rose gold model with a similar bezel and a whole lot of diamond treatment continuing all through the links.

Cartier’s Maillon de Cartier collection includes two limited edition pieces; the first is a diamond-studded 18K white gold piece with dial-to-link jewel count of 487 brilliant-cut diamonds. The second is an 18K yellow gold edition that looks glorious with 487 brilliant-cut diamonds on its bezel and links. All six timepieces run Quartz. The last two variants are limited to only 50 pieces. While we are not sure of its availability right now we do know The Maillon De Cartier collection starts at €20,000 ($21500) and finishes at €100,000 ($1, 07,925) with the black lacquer edition.

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