No Rolexes or Pateks – These are the top luxury watches spotted on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games athletes – From gold medalist Sydney McLaughlin to surfing legend Stephanie Gilmore.

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After an intense 16 days, the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics came to an end on August 8. Pre-owned watch specialist Watchfinder & Co. took the opportunity to scope what some of the Olympics’ top athletes were sporting on their wrists at this year’s event.

Cheung Ka-long has previously been spotted sporting a Tag Heuer Autavia. Photo: Watchfinder & Co.

Fencing – Edgar Cheung Ka-long
Claiming Hong Kong’s first gold medal in fencing, everyone in the city was overjoyed with Edgar Cheung Ka-long’s victory. His nail-biting win brought Hong Kong’s first Olympic gold medal in 25 years. After his match, he celebrated his impressive victory with the words, “We must persist and we should not give up easily.”

Cheung Ka-long definitely lived up to to Tag Heuer’s “don’t crack under pressure” slogan. Photo: Watchfinder & Co.

The Hong Kong champion has shown his love for luxury watches through his partnership with Tag Heuer. His attitude at the Games definitely matched the brand’s “don’t crack under pressure” slogan. He has also been spotted with a Tag Heuer Autavia, from Heuer’s oldest collection and its most high-performing creation.

Tiffany Chan wearing the Audemars Piguet watch. Photo: Watchfinder & Co.

Golf – Tiffany Chan
Another Hong Kong athlete we kept our eyes on was star golfer Tiffany Chan. Aside from being the city’s only Olympian golfer, she has competed twice in the Asian Games and also won the 2016 Hong Kong Ladies Open.

Tiffany Chan’s CODE 11.59 by Audemars Piguet, Photo: Watchfinder&Co.

Chan’s passion for her sport while maintaining balance in life reflects her watch brand of choice – Audemars Piguet. She’s been seen wearing the professional golfer’s Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet Selfwinding, a popular choice for watch-lovers. The name Code 11.59 is an acronym for challenge, own, dare and evolve, with 11.59 representative of the last minute before a new day.

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Stephanie Gilmore has been chosen as part of Breitling’s Surfers Squad. Photo: Watchfinder & Co

Surfing – Stephanie Gilmore
Having an exceptionally successful career as a seven-time world champion in the Women’s Surf League, Australia’s Stephanie Gilmore was a fierce competitor during the Tokyo Olympics. Being part of the Surfers’ Hall of Fame and winner of the Laureus World Action Sportsperson, it comes as no surprise that she is also part of Breitling’s Surfers Squad.

The first SuperOcean was created in 1957. Photo: Watchfinder & Co.

Not only are they committed to maintaining clean oceans and beaches, the Surfer Squad also represents Breitling’s passion for the ocean. The brand’s marine connection is channelled through their diver’s watches, including the highly regarded and iconic SuperOcean. Created in 1957, the SuperOcean was unusually in both standard and chronograph form.

Hublot collaborated with Masahiro Tanaka to release the Hublot Aero Bang MT88 Masahiro Tanaka Edition. Photo: Watchfinder & Co.

Baseball – Masahiro Tanaka
As one of Japan’s most popular sports, baseball made its return to the Olympic Games this summer after being removed when the Beijing Olympics ended in 2008. Former New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka represented Japan’s Olympic baseball team during the Olympics, exciting both Yankees and Nippon Professional Baseball league fans.

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The MT88 is the first ever luxury watch presented with a band made of the sporty material rubber. Photo: Watchfinder & Co.

Not only did Tanaka represent Tokyo with his global performance, the MLB All-Star is also the first Hublot ambassador from Japan. The brand previously collaborated with the legendary athlete to release the Hublot Aero Bang MT88 Masahiro Tanaka Edition. The MT88 is the first ever luxury watch with a band made of rubber, pairing sporty and luxurious all in one.

Even during her training, Sydney McLaughlin can be seen sporting Tag Heuer watches. Photo: Watchfinder & Co.

Athletics – Sydney McLaughlin
After gaining two gold medals for Team USA, Sydney McLaughlin’s performance at this year’s Olympics reminded all that she is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is McLaughlin a boundary breaking American sprinter and hurdler, but she is also a Tag Heuer ambassador.

Sydney McLaughlin is an ambassador for Tag Heuer. Photo: Watchfinder & Co.

The track and field champion’s favourite timepiece is the Tag Heuer Connected, an exquisite combination of Tag Heuer’s craftsmanship and technology. Tag Heuer has been at the forefront of timing technology since the 1860s, when it made a name for itself producing dash-mounted timing equipment for road rallies.

With the Tokyo Paralympics taking place soon, we cannot wait to see if there are more athletes who will be rocking luxury watches.

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