Ulysse Nardin Tellurium J. Kepler watch… a timeless beauty for $118,000!

What does one really need to look superior; anything expensive that the rest of the world doesn’t have? Well, you start off by buying a watch. And if you think a watch is something every Tom, Dick, and Harry is wearing on the street then you surely don’t know where the world has reached. Take a look at the Ulysse Nardin Tellurium J. Kepler watch. It is by every means superior in terms of functions, looks, and pricing too. As for the name, it is weird no doubt but it is named after one of the first scientists to document the laws of planetary motion. The watch shows you our planet from the North Pole, and you don’t need to buy the one with the North Pole you can always go for the one with the South Pole if you happen to live on the other half.

What is interesting is that one part of the watch rotates once a year while the other part shows you when there will be an eclipse. It’s a stunner for sure and is made of platinum so you shouldn’t be surprised that you gotta shell out $118,000 for this time-tracking beauty!

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