Flaunt your style with Zenith’s latest release – a $128,000 box set featuring 8 vibrant chronographs. Color knows no bounds with these funky timepieces!

Swiss watchmaker Zenith has taken the adage ‘the more, the merrier, very seriously and released a $128,000 box set filled with eight different-colored chronographs. Watch enthusiasts who couldn’t get enough of the colorful timepiece launched in 2020 now have eight new reasons to love the luxury watchmaker even more. The limited-edition box, a part of the Defy 21 series, contains the charming chronograph in black, violet, blue, pink, orange, khaki, turquoise, and green.

The wristwatches sport a 44 mm sandblasted titanium case and gray chronograph registers, beneath which vibrant metallic colors enhance the movement. The bridges and oscillating rotor complement the eight Ultra Color hues and the Cordura-effect rubber strap. Powered by the El Primero 9004 automatic movement, certified by Geneva-based TimeLab, the timepiece boasts a frequency of 50 Hz and a minimum power reserve of 50 hours. Zenith Defy Lab was once touted as the world’s most accurate mechanical watch, and now it is also the funkiest.

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The Ultra Box set sells for $128,000 in only a limited number of 8. The Defy 21 Ultra Colour box set features sequentially numbered watches, 1 through 8, rather than having the same number for all eight watches in a box.

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