Arvus Prerenaissance loudspeakers cost $140,000! OMG!

Arvus Prerenaissance is a loudspeaker, a good one at that with a difficult name. The New Zealand Company Arvus has unveiled their Prerenaissance loudspeakers, as the culmination of 25 years of speaker development. Ok, so though its not pleasing everyone’s design sense (including mine) it does have a lot many reason to be called likeable. Starting from the bottom up, the plinth is made from hand carved granite. Four chambers house a quasi-five-way design. I dunno what that is so I’ll move on to other pros. There are three channels of amplification totalling 1,500-watts per speaker.

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If you don’t like this look they have other options available (did they know this wouldn’t be liked?). There are dozens of finishing options, from painted, carbon fibre, and even stainless steel and wood like you see in the picture. Before you set your mind on this amazing set of loudspeakers read further…it costs $140,000!

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