A Chinese man paid $10,000 for a whiskey shot in Swiss bar

While most of us dish out the decent sum of $20 per shot, a Chinese drinker actually paid $10,000 for a shot? And no, I’m not intoxicated at this point. The extremely pricey shot at a Swiss bar was of a1878 Macallan.

Granted, the whiskey was a concocted in a special reserve from the Macallan distillery in Speyside, Scotland, I believe it is a bit much. Unsurprisingly so, it was the priciest item on the cocktail list at the Devil’s Place whisky bar.

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The eager customer’s request definitely caused some jaws to drop. Proprietor Sandro Bernasconi mentioned that he was worried that the cork would fall apart since the bottle was so old.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. This isn’t the first time Macallan whiskey has made headlines for fetching a high price. Earlier this year, a lot contain various Macallan malts sold for $990,000 at auction.

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