A number plate in Dubai fetches AED1.5 million

OK it’s not as expensive as a 7 digit number plate that sold at UAE, but its worth quite a bomb nonetheless, and interesting too. Why would anyone want to buy a license plate at an auction is really beyond me. Any way, a motor vehicle number plate went under that hammer at a Dubai based auction for the Emirates’ Roads and Transport Authority as the RTA said on Monday. The 72nd edition of the auction saw license plate numbered K 50 that fetched AED1.5m ($408,400). The second most expensive plate, the I 26, fetched AED1.3 million ($353,915), while the plate numbered G-36earned AED1.14 million ($310,357).

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The auction on the whole earned a massive AED16.9 million ($4.6 million), thanks to the active participation of around 67 bidders who attended the event.