Apple designer Marc Newson has created a $12,000 hourglass

Hourglass is one of the oldest mechanisms humans devised for measuring time, but thanks to its timeless esthetic charm it still remains hugely desirable as a decorative item. Legendary industrial designer Marc Newson, who is known for working with good friend Jony Ive to create the Apple Watch, has teamed up with Hodinkee to come up with a special hourglass that costs $12,000. Named the Marc Newson Hourglass, it is handcrafted and measures 150mm tall and 125mm across at the widest point. Made of hand-blown borosilicate glass, it comes with a special leather coaster so that you don’t accidentally scratch and damage it.

“Sometimes you see an object and it just captivates you. You can’t look away. You can’t even really explain what you’re looking at either. Marc Newson’s Hourglass is one such object,” Hodinkee’s blog post reads. But what makes the hourglass special is the use of seamless stainless steel Nanoballs that are used instead of sand inside it. These tiny balls measure just 0.6mm in diameter and are covered first with copper and then with an anti-corrosion layer. 1.3 million Nanoballs fill up the hourglass to measure out exactly 10 minutes. The special hourglass will see a limited run of 100 units in total but Hodinkee says there are only six made so far which have already been sold.


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