Ferrari has teamed up with renowned designer Marc Newson for a tailored luggage line

Marc Newson x Ferrari luggage line.

Marc Newson has given the world some very drool-worthy Louis Vuitton trunks and LV suitcase and now the famous industrial designer is making us miss vacations and travel even more with his fantastic new collection of Ferrari-inspired luggage. This isn’t the first time Marc Newson is working with Ferrari. The maverick teamed up with Ferrari with the ultimate homage- a $6000 coffee table book. This time he is collaborating with Ferrari on a one-off project involving a stylish travel kit inspired by the crafted Italian sports cars. The collection will offer a lot of variety in terms of sizes as it comprises of a trolley, duffel bag, garment bag, suitcase, and a quarantottore. We love the availability of several shapes and in several shades borrowed from classic marque interiors; Customers can order the products in five shades of classic Ferrari interior colors, with a special additional vinaccia burgundy hue developed exclusively for this collection. You can find such influences in many details all over the collection as Newson dug deep into Ferrari’s archives to scan past models for colors, textures, and motifs he could incorporate into the luggage line. The sliding mechanism on the trolley’s roller handle uses the same technique as the pedals of the LaFerrari. Similarly, the grained leather pattern enhancing the exterior of the collection was inspired by cam covers for Ferrari engines.

The luggage collection will be available exclusively to Ferrari customers through its personalization catalog with each piece bearing a unique chassis number.

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[Via: Forbes]

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