At $1.9 million, this bottle of 1926 Macallan is the most expensive bottle of wine or spirit ever auctioned

You got to be really smashed to buy a whiskey bottle for $1.9 million or you buy a bottle of whiskey for more than a million and then get smashed to celebrate your win. Either way, a bottle was bought and sold and for no less than $1.9 million. The Macallan Fine and Rare 60-Year-Old 1926 became the most expensive bottle of wine or spirit ever auctioned, Sotheby’s said. Apparently the bottle of Macallan 60-Year-Old 1926 sold for $1,873,951 when it was presumed to go for somewhere within $448,000 and $577,000. Dubbed “holy grail” of whisky, it was part of a 178 bottle collection of Macallan’s Fine and Rare series spanning from 1926 to 1991. If you calculate correctly, the 700 ml bottle contains about 45 pours of 15 ml each, meaning its going to cost $42,000 a pour for its lucky new owners. Sounds really expensive right? No wonder the 1926 Macallan was the hero of the auction, which also featured more than 460 bottles of Scotch from the private collection of a connoisseur.

About 1926 Macallan- The whisky has a nose of “rich dark dried fruits – raisins, dates and prunes with wonderfully woody spices like clove and treacle toffee,” a palate of “robust resinous wood, sweetened with medium treacle toffee and rich dried fruits,” and a finish of “drying wood with dark dried fruits and treacle toffee”.

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[Via – CNN]

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