At $400,000 this is the most expensive doll ever sold

We have all seen blinged out dolls and for your little princess nothing ever is too expensive especially if it’s one of a kind. A rare German Kämmer & Reinhardt life-like doll became the world’s most expensive doll ever sold as it made $400,000 at Bonhams, Knightsbridge auction. An unnamed bidder secured the doll as the fellow buyers broke into applause after the buyer’s bid.

Manufactured by the German doll manufacturer Kämmer & Reinhardt, the beautiful bisque head doll wears a white dress with lace sleeves and a powder blue ribbon sash that matches her finely painted blue-grey eyes. A delicate straw hat sits on top of her auburn, plaited hair. The doll seems like-life with pierced ears and a more adult expression that the other dolls, to portray a real young lady from the 1909-1912 period.

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No other example of this doll is known. It is therefore possible that she was an experimental mold. Two other Kämmer & Reinhardt dolls, designed by Berlin artist and professor Lewin-Funcke conquered the public auction.

A gorgeously made porcelain doll, with a snowy cotton outfit and light tan shoulder length hair, molded on one of Lewin-Funcke’s four daughters, sold for $280,000. While, a ‘Heinz’ charming doll of a little boy in azure shirt and brown pants, sold for $1,88,000. Heinz is created after Lewin-Funcke’s son Heinz Burkowitz and is perhaps the most sensitive in the hundred series character dolls.

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