World’s most expensive hot dog sells for $2,300 at 230 Fifth, New York

Here’s wishing all our readers and hot dog lovers a very happy National Hot Dog Day! The concept of fast-food being dirt cheap was slashed off by Brockon Rox’s hot dog, the Dragon Dog hot dog and the $1501 hot dog a long time ago. However, that has triggered off a rather pungent war of hot dogs in our world, welcoming yet another nastily expensive dog- The $2,300 hot dog at 230 Fifth Avenue. The niche restaurant that features an outdoor Rooftop Garden and Fully enclosed Penthouse Lounge/Bar has been the favorite place for hosting high-end parties by celebrities and businessmen. Now, a little about the pricey hot dog and implanted reasons for its big price tag- “A foot-long blend of richly marbled wagyu beef dry-aged for 60 days DeBragga, coated with black truffles served on a brioche bun toasted with white truffles and coated with organic ketchup and mustard imported from France.”

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Caviar-dotted sauerkraut braised in Cristal and gold leaf completes the whole presentation of the hot dog. If all that jazzy description didn’t do it for you yet, you might want to know that all the proceeds will benefit altruistic New York food pantry City Harvest. The hot dog’s order is to be placed 48 hours in advance on 212-725-4300 and will be available daily, starting July 30th, 2012.
[230-Fifth and Gothamist and Hauteliving]

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