Concorde on auction for aviation fans

Only an ardent Concorde admirer will be interested in reading this…..if not thinking of being a part of the super sonic auction. With the termination of the Concorde fleet, spare parts from the scrapped fleet are to be auctioned at the Hotel des Ventes Saint-Aubin in Toulouse, France, from September 28th to October 1st 2007. If you have done your home work well then you can probably distinguish “arbre d’entrainement” (drive shaft) from machmètre (mach meter) from the official catalog site. Apparently an the iconic instrument which tells you the airplane’s speed relative to the speed of sound and sold in lots 310, 568, and 791, respectively, is estimated to fetch between 1500 and 2500 euros. So gear up your bank balances as the prices are bound to fly much higher than that.

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The auction site also contains a history of the Concorde, photos, and a video gallery. If not a piece of flying history then at least some incredible facts and images can nourish your desire.