David Beckham’s matte black Porsche is up on eBay

When you have a fashionista for a wife, who needs color right? Maybe that explains David Beckham’s obsession with black colored cars. As his little one zips around in his own Porsche, its time for daddy dearest’s prized possession to have new owners, after it’s was taken of his hands a while ago. Purchased at $100,000 in 2008 the football star splurged an additional $50,000 to customize it. His shirt number is stitched onto the leather seats, along with engravings on the steering wheel and rims.

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The car is up on sale on eBay at a bit of $134,000. However the car is being auctioned by a California-based dealership called Chequered Flag, Beckham already sold it some time back.

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