Did the sanctioned billionaire Roman Abramovich actually buy a $170 million superyacht from eBay? The 405 feet long vessel was to have a master suite bigger than an NYC penthouse, a retractable glass elevator, a children’s cabin, and a swimming pool.

Would you buy a multi-million dollar object on eBay or anywhere online? The answer would usually be no, except when you are Mark Cuban, who purchased a Gulfstream V business jet over the internet for $40 million. In 2005, 4Yacht, Inc, a Professional Yacht Brokerage Firm, announced the offering of a 405′ Gigayacht on eBay. Before it begins to sound bizarre, it impresses as possibly the most expensive item ever auctioned on the site- the gigayacht was valued at $170 million.

A portal even published the report that eBay set a single sale benchmark securing $85 million for a 50 percent deposit on a 405-foot megayacht designed by naval architect Frank Mulder. Gigayachts are so large they put megayachts to shame. The one listed online allegedly flaunted a sprawling 3,000 sq. ft. master suite on the main deck. Guests would be comfortable in ten multilevel VIP suites with panoramic windows. A further eight guest rooms would accommodate 16 people while a children’s cabin entertained their offspring.

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Interiors of the Eclipse yacht.

Among the amenities were a gym, an office area, a movie theater, a spa, a retractable glass elevator, a jetstream swimming pool, a movie theater, and a helipad. Despite the grandeur and luxuries, what made the gigayacht seem like an even bigger joke was a $10 big from “markcook64.” What was even more amusing than the fact that $170 million was listed on eBay were rumors that yacht enthusiast and billionaire Roman Abramovich purchased it.

Abramovich’s $700 million Eclipse yacht is one the largest in the world.Via Charterworld

Remember that this was 2005 when the then-Chelsea F.C. tycoon owned the Pelorus, the Ecstasea, and Le Grand Bleu. Later, he commissioned one of the world’s most coveted megayachts, Eclipse (in 2006) and Solaris (in 2010) from Lurrsen. As this supposed gigayacht never really existed, it can’t be validated as the most expensive item sold on eBay.

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Gulfstream II

This is the most expensive item on eBay-
Texas-based Tyler Jet sold a Gulfstream II for $5 million. It is not as luxurious as a middle eastern royal’s aircraft or Elon Musk’s jet; however, as the gigayacht never saw the light of the day, this jet, capable of accommodating up to 12 passengers, was very much transacted on the auction portal.

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