Dior Haute Couture collection by Raf Simmons marks the beginning of red carpet extravagance

The Oscar 2014 ceremony may still be away but red carpet fashion waits for no one. Which is why, I shall leave that film-fuelled debate on this year’s nominations for another day. What’s on the sartorial table today is red carpet worthy outfits. Speaking of which, where else could we turn but in Dior-direction! To be specific, towards the gardens of the Musée Rodin, where the maison’s creative director Raf Simons presented a veritable ode to femininity inspired by the many faces of today’s flower-woman. Read: Haute Couture collection!

But before moving on to couture talk, lets learn a bit more about this flower-woman. Who is she? From the looks of Simmons’ handiwork, she is perhaps one who can don the insouciance of flower-embroidered tennis shoes and also play the seductress in garter-esque pumps! All the while playing coy in pastel colors. Pair those with light as a feather, fluid forms combined with the floral sumptuosity of fall-winter 49’s Junon, traces from the golden embroideries of the dress Passage and a trip down iconic suit lane to revisit the Bar and voila! You have the modern-day embodiment of all things Dior.

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“I wanted to focus on the idea of intimacy in couture, the emotional connection between the clients, the salons and the very idea of the woman herself,” said Simmons. This unique reinterpretation brought to fashionable fore by him also summons asymmetry and silk and extravagant displays of impeccable sculpting. With layering so succinct, marked by unique openwork seen throughout the collection, it combines the maison’s signature savoir-faire with the futuristic allure of the fearless woman.

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Continuing the layered complexity and thus the legacy of Christian Dior in the realms of modernity are sheer fabrics and subsequent displays of sensuality. Their beautiful boldness is a result of Raf Simmons exploring the frontiers of his creativity through drawing while the maison’s pattern makers transpose each garment into three dimensions. Each structured piece is produced to order and made entirely by hand. It’s no wonder then why monsieur Christian Dior himself said, “real luxury demands the best materials and the best craftsmanship”. Amen.





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