Ultra-rare autographed 1929 Einstein manuscript explaining the beauty of Relativity to go under the hammer at a Christie’s auction in Shanghai this month

Christie’s 10th Shanghai Auction Anniversary became incredibly memorable with the debut of a rare manuscript by Albert Einstein. The manuscript was first published in a supplement to The New York Times on 3 February 1929 and commissioned by the newspaper to explain the development of special and general relativity theories. An unprecedented public interest in relativity theories led the publication to convince Einstein to explain his new work to The New York Times readers. Written in German, it totals 14 pages. \

The material also featured two equations and a diagram of the structure of the spacetime continuum. The manuscript also included two full pages of scientific formulae. His name and his Berlin address, 5 Haberlandstrasse, are on the blank reverse of the written pages.

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Georgina Hilton, Head of Classic Art, Christie’s Asia Pacific, said, “We are delighted to bring this important manuscript by the renowned scientist Albert Einstein to our Shanghai saleroom for the very first time. The manuscript provides a unique and fascinating glimpse into Einstein’s thought process and traces the evolution of his pioneering ideas. Given Einstein’s historical links with Shanghai, alongside the significant interest from Chinese collectors in scientific artifacts, our Shanghai saleroom is a fitting context in which to present this unique manuscript. We look forward to exciting global collectors and science enthusiasts with this remarkable piece of history, inextricably connected with Einstein’s groundbreaking contributions.”

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The manuscript will be presented during the 10th Shanghai Auction Anniversary: 20th/21st Century Art Evening Sale on 23 September at the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai.

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