Fancy watching a play sitting next to the Queen? A 12 seat box at London’s Royal Albert Hall is on sale for $4.2 million

You will probably never live next door to Queen Elizabeth, but you might be able to watch a concert right next to her. The Royal Albert Hall – known for hosting events like the BAFTA Awards – has put a 12-seat box up for sale for the price of £3 million (around $4.2 million). The box will remain in the owner’s family for possible generations given that it comes with an 848-year lease. It is located in the “Grand Tier” and is only the second Grand Tier Box to have been put on sale in the past ten years.

While the box itself is nothing to scoff at with great views of the stage and luxe crimson seats, the real draw for any customers might just be that it is just two boxes away from the Royal Box. Even the company that’s handling the sale of this box – Harrod Estates – couldn’t resist mentioning that Prince Harry and the American-princess-to-be Megan Markle might be the lucky owner’s neighbors at an upcoming event.

For those bored by the Royals, the box makes a great investment given that you can rent it out to other patrons of the arts and theatre on major event days. The owner of the box will be granted membership to the Corporation of the Halls of Arts and Science and will be expected to participate in activities like electing the Council President.


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