This rare, sterling silver mini Kelly by Hermès epitomizes glitz, glam, and glory. Dazzling in metal, it is currently up for auction at Christie’s with an estimated value of $200,000.

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Is there such a thing as the best Hermès handbag when they all exude elegance? We find an answer to this intriguing question. Our discovery? A rare, sterling silver mini Kelly, acclaimed as ‘One of the rarest pieces ever crafted by Hermès.’ It seems almost unattainable, doesn’t it? Yet, this shimmering gem is currently available for auction at Christie’s, a first since 2016. Crafted entirely from sterling silver, the Kelly bag boasts a distinctive locking mechanism.

You simply lift the lock to open and fold it down to secure it. Beyond its function, this accessory stands as a testament to fine jewelry, thanks to its exquisite metalwork. The mini Kelly, expected to attract bids over $200K, is not just a handbag but a statement. It measures 14.5 w x 16.25 h x 7 d cm, epitomizing the pinnacle of French luxury design. This Hermès masterpiece includes a sterling silver Chaine d’Ancre strap, elevating any handbag collection to new heights of sophistication.

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According to PurseBop, even Hermès aficionado and beauty icon Kylie Jenner has been seen with this bag. Perfect for a romantic evening, the charming Kelly fits all your essentials — cards, keys, lipstick — without appearing bulky. For the Hermès connoisseur who thought they had it all, this piece offers a sparkling departure from the usual croc leather bags. Isn’t it a dazzling addition?

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