Juice for your iPhone – This Hermes powerbank is the most stylish and expensive charger we have ever seen

Hermès is wooing the smartphone addicts of the world with a new line of designer power banks. These devices are godsends for days when the dreaded “low battery” symbol begins flashing on your phone; you probably already have one, but we won’t blame you for wanting to throw it away once you see what Hermès has in store.

The rectangular power bank is shaped not unlike an iPhone with its rounded corners, but it has a smooth matte finish all over and is available in colors including red, brown, cobalt, taupe, black and navy. The power banks have aluminum exteriors which have been colored using an oxidation technique that Pierre-Alexis Dumas artistic director at Hermès learned about in California where a craftsman was using the technique on Marc Newson’s surfboards.

A gauge on the power bank indicates how much power it holds. It comes with a Barenia leather sleeve that has a small window to display the gauge. With a price tag of £280 (that’s around $365 at current exchange), this power bank is of course leaps and bounds more expensive than other non-designer ones, but it’s hard to pretend that we don’t want it anyway!

We’ll keep you updated on the availability of these power banks.

[Hermes via GQ UK]

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