Letter by Mahatma Gandhi fetches a shocking $178,431 at an auction in Ludlow

Mahatma Gandhi, as his name suggests, was a man beyond greatness and was considered as the Father of India. It was due to his undying peaceful efforts that India achieved freedom from the British rule. A letter typed and signed by this Indian freedom fighter fetched an alarming $178,431 at an auction held in Ludlow. The letter was written by Gandhi during his detention in India by the British government in 1943 and is a plea of freedom for the country. The letter which was expected to sell for $23,600 surpasses all expectations by 666.6%!

The letter had belonged to a fellow freedom fighter of Gandhi’s and was auctioned off by his elder son who wanted to provide for the family. Memorabilia belonging to the legendary man is very popular in the market, especially with Indian collectors who want to preserve his legacy.

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