Michael Jackson’s Swarovski studded riding helmet up for auction

Some live like king when alive, some do so even after they are dead. And, if that line as any ounce of truth, then Michael Jackson is indeed that ‘some’one. Else how would one explain the interesting array of auctions, just like this one here. This Swarovski lochrosen stone crystal studded black velvet riding helmet was worn by Michael Jackson in his 1981 “Triumph” tour. Custom-made for MJ, the helmet bears the Pop King’s name printed on a 2. 1.5 tag sewed on the inside with stage make-up residue still on that label.

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The other two indication that this is indeed the real one is the size “7” and “57” along with instruction on how to wear it. Though the helmet has a few of the many stones missing, it still stunning to look at. The helmet is expected to net between $18,000 to $22,000.

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