Nikon celebrates 100th anniversary with Swarovski crystal replica of its first camera

Come July 2017, Nikon Corporation will turn one century old. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the company is releasing commemorative models of its cameras, lenses, and binoculars, along with a Swarovski crystal Nikon Model I figurine. The 100th Anniversary Crystal Creation is a (almost) full scale replica of the iconic Nikon Model I – the brand’s first ever camera launched in 1948 that turned it into a camera powerhouse we are today familiar with. Created by renowned crystal maker Swarovski, the crystal figurine is imprinted with limited-edition serial number and parts to it are processed with dark color effect for the camera’s artificial leather section.

Nikon is yet to announce the pricing and the availability. Along with the Swarovski crystal, the company is also releasing a collection of 25 lapel pins, a new leather camera strap, and a miniature Nikon F camera model. Click here to see Nikon’s 100th Anniversary site for further details.

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