Red Camera’s Epic-M Monochrome camera to go on sale for $42,000

The red camera has a way of making an expression for cinema and photography adherents. A few years ago, Red launched the still and motion picture camera, Epic-X, and now with Epic-M, they are bringing monochrome back. With the all-new black-and-white only Mysterium X sensor and a dedicated CMOS sensor, the camera yields a one-to-one pixel count. With a native ASA of 2000, the camera also features a new low pass filter that can accommodate the reduced pixel pitch (1×1 VS 2×2 Bayer).

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Pre-orders start on Monday, with shipping starting from October 1, for the $42,000 camera. And if you thought monochrome was passé, then we’d like to inform you that David Flincher (Fight Club, 7even, Zodiac fame) is already shooting his next feature on one of these.

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