The new Tulip mania: People are happily paying upwards of $1,800 for the 2018 Taylor Swift Special Edition Instax Camera. That’s 10 times its retail price.

When it’s Taylor, sales are Swift! A limited edition Fujifilm Instax SQ6 launched in 2018 for $180 in collaboration with the anti-hero singer for $1,800. This special edition Taylor Swift Instax cameras were quite the rage back in 2018. The camera was designed by the pop sensation herself, featuring a gold-colored newspaper pattern akin to the artwork for her album Reputation on a black background, with Taylor Swift’s valuable autograph on the back. The camera has not lost its charm even five years later and sold for an incredible $1,800 on eBay, according to a listing.

The collaboration was part of Fujifilm sponsoring Swift’s world tour in 2018. The successful tie-up tremendously benefitted Instax leading to hard sales for Fujifilm. Digital Camera World reports that the Instax camera sales hit 900,000 a month according to a financial report from 2019. This listing of eight individual cameras has now sold out.

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There is no denying this collectible camera is indeed a must-have for any diehard Swiftie, and $1800 isn’t an excruciating amount to part with. Having the original box, which has a photograph of Swift holding the camera, is the catch and the real prize for a fan.

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