The newly launched Leica T celebrates its maker’s 100th birthday and is an absolute looker

Iconic German camera manufacturer Leica is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and you might remember that the brand came up with Leica S Edition 100 and D-Lux 6 Edition 100 shooters a few months back to mark the occasion. But this time around the luxury camera maker has released an all new camera and lens system named the Leica T as a part of its centennial celebrations. The T-System mirrorless camera by Leica was one of the most hotly anticipated shooters of this year and joins the brand as its fourth line of cameras. The most impressive part of the Leica T has to be its clean and minimalist design which is absolutely stunning and in a way sexy.

The Leica T camera was created in collaboration with the AUDI Design team and it features a uni-body crafted from a single block 3.5 pound of aluminum which is machine-milled and later finished by hand. It takes about 45-minutes to hand polish each camera body and once the whole process is finished, the 3.5 pound of aluminum turns into a 3.35-ounces camera frame. As far as the specs are concerned, it features a brand new lens mount, but according to the company there will be an adapter that will accept Leica-M glass sold separately. The camera has a focal-length multiplier of 1.5X with the new T-mount lenses. The camera comes with a large APS-C format 16 megapixel CMOS sensor and gets a new Leica-T app for iOS devices that manage photos sent wirelessly from the Wi-Fi-enabled camera or control the Leica-T remotely. The Leica T camera body is available for pre-order at $1,850, while each of the two lenses, the 18-56mm and the 23mm prime lens, are priced at $1,750 a pop. The mount adapter for Leica-M lenses is priced at $395.

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