Leica M10 Monochrom a 40MP full frame camera designed specifically for B&W photography

Leica has introduced a brand new camera that joins the brand’s Monochrom line of digital range finders – one of the most controversial lines of cameras by Leica as it can only capture photos in black-and-white. Leica has maintained that its Monochrom cameras capture much sharper photos, with more detail, better dynamic range, but it just can’t shoot in color. The latest Leica M10 Monochrom comes with a long list of updates over its predecessor, the M-Monochrom (Typ 246), announced in 2015. Leica has increased the resolution and expanded the ISO range along with adding a host of new features, a camera that promises “an unparalleled black-and-white photography experience.”

The new Monochrom camera is based on the Leica M10’s design, specifically the 2018’s M10-P, and shares the same slim body, dedicated ISO dial on top, and “the quietest mechanical shutter of all Leica M rangefinders.” However, Leica has put a brand new 40MP sensor in the M10 Monochrom developed specifically for this camera. The new full-frame chip includes a greater ISO sensitivity range of 160 to 100,000, which is better on both ends of the range than its predecessors. But Leica has obliterated the video function because customers weren’t using it as per Leica. Also missing is the classic Leica red dot from the camera body’s front, adding to the discreet look of the camera. Leica is actually calling the M10 Monochrom the “stealthiest serial production camera yet.” The latest Monochrom model is priced at $8,295 and is already available from Leica stores and dealers.

[Via: My Modern Met]

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