The Ralph Gibson limited edition Leica Monochrom camera worth $28,000 sells out in 5 minutes

No matter how advanced cameras get, monochromatic photos can get never go out of fashion or rather they have become all the more desirable. And Leica’s Monochrom digital camera brings new digital age of photography back to its roots by capturing authentic black and white shots. True fans and photography aficionados know that buying one of those cameras can never be the silliest way to spend eight grand, but a limited edition Leica Monochrom camera has to be really, really special to justify a $28,000 price tag. A special Leica M Monochrom ‘Ralph Gibson’ edition camera which was priced in excess of twenty grand was on sale presenting a brief opportunity to fans and people jumped at it.

Renowned art photographer Ralph Gibson held on to film cameras for a long time and said the Monochrom finally convinced him there was an advantage to going digital. The exclusive limited edition Leica features black leather upholstery in volcanic pattern, developed by Leica, and silver-plated top with Ralph’s signature etched on it. It also comes with a special Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 lens and a copy of Gibson’s latest book ‘MONO’. Leica built only 35 examples of the limited edition camera and despite its $28,000 price tag, all the units were sold out in 5 minutes.



[Via – Petapixel]

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