Ferrari introduces limited edition F60america to celebrate 60 years in North America

It’s celebration time for car-makers. Following the Mercedes G-Wagen’s 35th anniversary and Maserati’s centennial celebrations, it’s time for another Italian carmaker to enter the hall. Ferrari will be celebrating their 60th year in North America with a limited edition F60america launch. The car will principally be manufactured on a built-to-order basis with just 10 cars produced in the first batch. The design of the car will be based on the open-top variant of the F12 Berlinetta and will brag about pick-up speeds of 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds.

ferrari-us-special-2On the inside, the F60america will offer a mid-front-mounted V12 engine and specific gear ratios. The external design does still adorn the classic Ferrari single front grille with chrome and integrated air intakes for the brakes. The dashboard’s blessed with just the right amount of red to boost testosterone levels, enough to zip through overdrive. To match it all up, the dashboard also shares the exclusive composite materials that the tunnel and door panels are made of.

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ferrari-us-special-3If, by any far chance, you’ve put on that mischievous grin as you make a mental note of your plans to own one of these then we have bad news for you. All ten of the limited edition models of the F60america have been sold for $385k, each. This price is excluding any additional modifications and privileges that a built-to-order car can spoil you with.

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