Pagani has created a $75,000 limited edition analog camera that can be customized to match the supercars of the buyers

Pagani has collaborated with Italian analog camera manufacturer Gibellini to create a limited production large format foldable camera that features all the qualities you’ll usually associate with its multi-million-dollar automobile creations. Pagani supercars are not only known for their expectational performance and mind-bending engineering but also for their breathtaking designs. For more than two decades now, the Italian boutique manufacturer has created some of the most beautiful automotive art pieces that have captured the imagination of people all over the world. Called the Gibellini GP810HP, the analog large format camera effortlessly reflects Pagani’s legendary and distinct design language by focusing on attention to detail and unmatched craftsmanship.

Just like Pagani road cars, the Gibellini GP810HP camera is built using ultra-premium materials and gets plenty of design elements inspired by the supercars built by the Italian manufacturer. Most of the components of the camera are machined from single blocks of aluminum and titanium. Additionally, the camera and its attachments extensively use carbon fiber in their construction and are wrapped in top-quality leather and Alcantara. As you would expect, the Pagani-branded camera is an appreciation of the art of photography and the experience of capturing photographs with it is very different from using modern cameras.

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The camera uses a massive 8 x 10-inch plate to capture film images through a bellows. Its greatest advantage is that the lens plane and the focal plane can move completely independently of one another. The GP810HP has 8 degrees of freedom: 4 movements on the lens plane and 4 on the film plane. This makes it perfect for architectural photography or capturing tilt-shift photos. Horacio Pagani, Pagani’s founder, said: “This project is dedicated to extremely demanding clients who love beauty for its own sake regardless of whether they are photography enthusiasts or not. There is an enormous amount of manual work in this camera, there is technology and passion. It is an object created for a precise purpose: to evoke an emotion.” The Gibellini GP810HP camera is limited to just 75 examples, 30 of which will be initially available to existing Pagani owners and can be customized to match their vehicles. The analog camera by Pagani has a starting price of €75,000 (roughly $74,600) and is available for sale from its dealerships.

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