Would you pay $10,000 for this Swarovski embellished blow dryer?

Looks like blinged out grooming products are all the rage these days. We talked about a rose gold razor not too long ago and now its cousin the Swarovski embellished hair dryer is here. Sold by Prête – the hair blowout concierge service app – the hairdryer is priced at a whopping $10,000 and is covered by just under 5000 dazzling, rose champagne colored Swarovski crystals.

This is not your everyday hair tool, but Prête clearly recognizes that and they don’t expect you to actually dry your hair with it. The evidence? Whoever purchases this extravagant beauty tool actually gets a year’s worth of free blowouts from the company. A tad ironic if you ask us, after all you wouldn’t give someone who has just purchased a Bentley, a bus pass as a free gift would you?

Take our criticism with grain of salt though, because the company is doing it all for charity. 100% of the cost of this blow dryer benefits the Humane Society which works to secure rights for animals.

[Available at:Prete Via:Trendhunter]

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