Qantas is auctioning off a pair of their ultra-comfortable lie-flat A380 business class seats

Qantas really doesn’t want frequent flyers to miss them! We have it all at home, right from their business class amenity kit to fully stocked Boeing 747 bar carts. Soon all those coveted Qantas PJs, grooming products from ASPAR, Tim Tams, smoked almonds, and sleep masks, will be put to good use in the comfort of your home- A pair of lie-flat, Business Class seats. Grounded frequent flyers nostalgic for the pre-Covid travel experience have the chance to buy two seats following the Qantas online auction house launch.

The pre-loved seats, aka A380 Skybeds, can fully recline and come with storage space, massage options, and built-in entertainment screens. Qantas clarifies that the seats’ built-in TV screens won’t work outside of the aircraft. The seats can be plugged into a home electronic output via a converter and recline, allowing the winner to embrace the inflight vibes. To unwind at home as you would at 38,000 feet, you need more than just deep pockets.

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To enter the auction, you have to be based in Australia and be a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program with points to spare. Bidding for the pair starts at 350,000 Qantas Points. Running until Friday, the auction puts one item under the hammer each day. Other items included are a private charter flight, a 787 simulator experience, and a kids soccer coaching clinic with Graham Arnold, the head coach of the Australian national soccer team.

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