A rare Leica camera fetches a record breaking price of $3.9 million at a Vienna auction

World renowned German marquee- Leica produces some of the best optics and high-end cameras today. And per statistics it did so even back in the early 90’s. A standing proof of it is the recently held auction at Vienna, in which a 1923 Leica camera was sold for a bank shattering price of $3.9 million USD (€2.4 million).

While the price of the rare camera was initially set at $ 492060 USD (€400,000), it eventually went down for a world-record holding number. The sale that took place at the city’s renowned Westlicht museum, was attended by several zealous bidders, each of which fought ferociously for the beloved Leica. The camera was ultimately taken by an Asian buyer, who must’ve beamed home with a smile as broad as his Leica, for reasons obvious enough.

The sold camera happens to be a 0-series no. 122, one of the 25-strong series of prototypes that were made two years before the reputed German marque began retailing. It is said that only three of the series now remain in their original condition, thus making them a revered collector’s item. The earlier record for the most expensive Leica to be sold on auction, was held for a price of $2.65 USD (€2.16 million) in 2012. However, the coveted title is now taken by the $3.9 million Leica star of the moment.


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