Selfridges launched a sustainable shopping experience dubbed The Stock Market, which promotes the circular economy and upcycling

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It’s time for some fun at Selfridges, and it’s called The Stock Market at the Corner Shop. This month-long circular experience is the venue to uncover the value of what customers already own. In addition, The Stock Market permits exchanging items for Selfridges credit and restoring or upcycling clothing and accessories. Playfully inspired by the London Stock Exchange, this is an exciting way to promote upcycling; in fact, they’ve single-handedly made it fashionable! The Corner Shop will double up as a trading floor where all the actions take place, raising the bar of retail-tainment like never before. The project is set to run for one month, until June 10th, as part of the Selfridges’ Worn Again’ season.

Image – Selfridges

“The trading window is open at The Stock Market. Our stockbrokers are ready to introduce you to our resident tailors, upcyclers, luxury bag repairers, valuers, and resellers,” the company said. “They’re all here to help you discover the value of the clothes and accessories you already own. Think of it as trading with your own wardrobe – instead of buying new, you’re adding value to your existing investments or selling them back to us for Selfridges credit.”

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Image – Selfridges

With guidance from stockbrokers, customers can decide whether to trade, toss or upcycle an item. Visitors can drop off repairs and alterations by booking via an online portal. Restoration services will be available from The Handbag Clinic, Vintage Threads, SneakersER, and SOJO. Expert tailors from SOJO will help alter clothing items, and upcycles in residence at The Corner Shop will help to revive wardrobes by breathing new life into them.

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The Corner Shop Stock Market will open from May 15th to June 10th. Tickets for a two-hour slot will cost around $13, with profits going to Oxfam (a global movement of people working together to end the injustice of poverty).

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