Sir Jony Ive creates a one off 12.9-inch iPad Pro with new casing, accessories and attitude

Not every iPad Pro that rolls off the mill is made by sticking to the script. Something as exclusive as this specially created iPad Pro stands out and makes you wonder why brands do not make their devices as intriguing as the exclusives that they dish out. Created in support of the Design Museum charity auction, which will be held on 28th April, this yellow aluminum-housed iPad Pro starkly stands out. Other than the outer case, which may come across as very un-Apple, the ensemble it comes in also brings a Smart Cover in French leather and an orange Pencil case in Italian leather. Truly svelte, for those who appreciate soft, pastel shades.

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It goes without saying that Apple doesn’t always offer individuality and if it does, then it’s available at a premium. To gain this eye-catching café companion, you would need to outbid the real aficionados at the Phillips auction in London, where it is expected to sell for anything between £10,000 and £15,000 (which when converted could amount to an amount between $14,000 and $21,000).

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[ Via : Engadget ]

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