Steve Saleen’s Ford GT

Is there something about rare Ford’s or what? After the Hennessey-tuned Ford GT featured on eBay sometime back, we have this cool Ford GT that was owned by Steve Saleen. There were just nine of these produced at a time when Ford had gripped its firm hold on the automobile empire. This particular one used the 4.6L engine from the Mustang Cobra and later got it pumped up to 5.4L. Other features include a cool retro-styled alloy and a unique supercharger system. It’s got a history of colors to go with it as well. The car was first painted yellow with black stripes and then got repainted by Sakeen.

The car as of today is a perfect specimen of what happens to four wheels when they are handed down the years from one hand to another and finally end up on eBay as antiques.

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