Only in Dubai – An anonymous millionaire bought a fancy car license plate for the price of 5 Bugatti Chirons

A new world record for the most expensive car license plate was created recently when a wealthy bidder paid Dh55 million ($15 million) for a rare car license plate at an auction in Dubai.A number of rare vehicle number plates and phone numbers went under the hammer at a charity auction on Saturday. It included the highly desirable P7 license plate that triggered a bidding war and finally managed to fetch a whopping $15 million, smashing the previous record set in the United Arab Emirates one and a half decades ago. Sold by Emirates Auction LLC, the proceeds will go to Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s ongoing global food aid initiative called the One Billion Meals Endowment.

Via Instagram / @emiratesauction

The identity of the person who snapped up the rare vanity plate has not been disclosed. The second highest number plate sold that evening was AA22, which managed to fetch around $2.3 million. The sale also included H31, W78, N41, X36, Z37, and AA80, among other vanity plates and fancy phone numbers. The UAE has a history of spending ridiculous amounts of money on special license plates sold at charity auctions. The country’s ultra-rich find it a suitable way to show off wealth and status while donating money. The previous record was set in 2008 by a local businessman by the name of Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri who paid $14.2 million for Abu Dhabi’s number 1 plate at a charity auction.

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