The Alfredo Ferrari Table is a tribute to Enzo

So what if you design commissioned furniture for high-profile clients? You can still have a heart of gold and sell off exquisite pieces for charity. That is precisely what Veraseri Designs did, as they put Adam Krehbiel’s tribute to Alfredo (Dino) Ferrari, son of Enzo Ferrari, under the hammer. The one-off piece tagged as ‘The Alfredo Ferrari Table’is set in “sinewy lines and liquid forms that branch between practical tradition and cutting edge form and concept of design administration.” The prancing horse or the Scuderia Ferrari logo called the Cavallino Rampante has been hand sculptured from Puro Bianco Alabaster, brought from Volterra, Italy. It has been cast into Ferrari’s flagship Red. The table’s body has been created using Red Fir “cut from a specimen downed by lightning in Northern California.”

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Priced at $22,000, the 15.625-inchx 46.5-inchx 33.5-inch will be sold with benefits going towards research for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Enzo, a talented car designer and engineer succumbed to fatal genetic disease at the tender age of 24.

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