Made of carbon fiber these Oakleys pay homage to Scuderia Ferrari

It’s a well-established fact that Ferraris look as fast as they go. These Italian supercars have a knack for turning heads, every time they roar by. Scuderia Ferrari’s speed DNA doesn’t end with its cars though. Take the Scuderia Ferrari Oakley sunglasses for instance. Simply slipping on one of these gives its wearer a “race ready” appearance, thanks to its well-chiselled frame. Clad in black and Scuderia Ferrari red, this Oakley pair also boasts Ferrari’s prancing stallion emblem. Given the fact that both, Oakley and Ferrari, share a tradition of cutting-edge technology, innovation and extremely aesthetic designs, this pair is a perfect blend of the automotive and the fashion world.

Measuring in at a lens width and height of 60 mm and 40 mm respectively, with a bridge width of 21 mm and a 135 mm stem, these Oakley sunglasses boast polarized iridium black lenses. With a light transmission of 10%, the Scuderia Ferrari Oakley sunglasses stay sporty and chic, at the same time! To keep this pair of sunglasses safe, Oakley has also tossed in a Ferrari Microbag Pouch in a matching black colour with red accents. This too comes with the Scuderia Ferrari emblem embossed on its front. Priced at approximately $570, this is one of those accessories you simply must don while stepping inside an asphalt-burning Italian supercar.

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