Think only Bugattis are expensive? Someone in Saudi Arabia paid $12 million for this 3,424 hp custom semi-truck

Before I blow your mind with some absolutely unbelievable specifications and throw around some big numbers, take a moment to look at the pictures and relish the monstrosity of this mad, mad creation. It’s sad that the future has no place for such gas-guzzling, fire-breathing behemoth that has a 24-cylinder power plant! Meet the Thor24, an epic big-rig truck that should be the lead negative character in a Transformers movie. The Thor24 started out as a Peterbilt 359 crew cab semi and was stretched to 44 feet to make enough room to fit twin 13.9-liter Detroit diesel V12 engines. The 24-cylinder engine is paired to a total of 12 superchargers that helps it churn out a tarmac-ripping output of 3974 horsepower. To top it all, the rig also has nitrous oxide bottles because why not! And guess what? It also has an upswept exhaust pipe for each of the 24 cylinders – how crazy is that. Although the rig weighs more than 32,000 pounds, it has a claimed top speed of 130 mph. In fact, the truck is so heavy that it needs four Simpson drag parachutes to stop because the standard brakes are not enough.

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The Thor24 was sold at Worldwide Auctioneer’s Riyadh event last weekend in Saudi Arabia for a whopping $12 million. Considering that it took about $7 million to build the truck, that’s a healthy profit for its creators. What’s interesting is that although the auction took place in the Middle East, the truck is still in the United States in Arizona, where it was built. There is no information on who bought this machine and when will we get to see it terrorizing everyone with its might.

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