A CEO’s dream come true – Take a look inside the world’s first million-dollar office on wheels

California-based boutique automotive customizers Lexani Automotive is known for taking mundane, everyday machines and transforming them into uber-luxurious rides packed with best of the amenities. The customized Mercedes Sprinter van with 24k gold-plated hardware introduced back in 2015 and the pimped Cadillac Escalade with a home theater and a bar are just a few examples of what Lexani is capable of building. Meet the company’s latest creation, the first million-dollar Ford truck you’ve ever seen which has got a huge body that spans over 10 meters in length. Called the G-77: Sky Master, Lexani describes it as a “full-fledged office on wheels.” The extravagant mobile office is built upon the American full-size Ford F-550 truck and features an elegant all-black exterior finish.

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Stepping inside the cabin, the interior resembles the cabin of a private jet, only with more amenities and hardware with 24k gold plating. The G-77 has six custom power seats that are wrapped in tan leather and offer both heating and massaging options. Complimenting the leather upholstery is polished wood trim and tan wall inserts. The highlight of the cabin is a Bose home theater sound system and a 65″ Curved Ultra HD TV which can be hidden behind the wall on demand. The cabin also has enough space to feature a kitchenette, bathroom, and a “VIP boardroom”, which can be transformed from an all-in-one business station into a comfortable rest area.

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