Aman Resorts paves the way for holistic wellness with SVA, a new brand that offers holistic supplements

For the longest time, Aman is widely acclaimed as the most exclusive hotel brand in the world, recognized for its natural settings, breathtaking locations, at its restorative retreats. Taking its concept of wellness beyond the four walls of its very spacious, tranquil suites is the luxury hotel and spa brand with the arrival of a new brand, SVA, which offers a range of holistic formulas and supplements. The brand develops on the amalgamation of traditional knowledge with contemporary science and nutrition, to give us an incomparable range of Chinese Herbal Formulas, Micronutrient Supplements and Botanical Tonics. With SVA consumers will get a total of 19 products that are gluten-free, plant based and most importantly, can be easily integrated into the daily routine. These holistic formulas and supplements inspired by trusted systems like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been imbibed in SVA formulas through a combination of granules, capsules and Tonics; SVA Chinese Herbal Formulas and Micronutrient Supplements are the first ranges to launch, with Botanical Tonics following later this year. The supplements and herbal formulas will help support immunity, digestion, circulation and to sustain a healthy mind.

SVA’s Chinese herbal formulas aim to restore the body’s imbalanced elements and organs in order to ensure their complete and positive function. It does so by utilizing carefully selected herbs that are stimulated by the fundamentals of traditional medicines. Formulas include Balance, Vitality, Uplift, Calm, Immune Support, Nourish, as well as SVA’s signature product, Respiratory Support—a hero formula developed to maintain a healthy respiratory system when exposed to colds and flu. SVA Micronutrient Supplements on the other hand are easily administrable capsules that give us the necessary vitamins and nutrients to help support everyday mind and body functions. It does so with a contemporary scientific approach,
and a natural composition of supplements that includes digestion, heart & brain function, immune defense, liver detox, relax & sleep, and resilience. SVA products can be experienced at Wellness Immersions at Aman’s hotels and resorts. They are also available online at SVA, Aman, and select Aman Spas.

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