Beauty and brains games: MAC Cosmetics debuts customized makeup looks for Sims 4 avatars

The world of video games is addictive and a realm we’d rather live in at all times. The fandom is unfathomable especially in the case of ‘the Sims’ where fans live an alternate life with their Sims pursuing daily activities, careers, and relationship goals. For all these years you and your Sims may have built over-the-top mansions and started a whole neighborhood of your own but it’s time to do something completely new! Like most luxury brands have tried to amp their popularity with gamers by becoming a part of their favorite video games, makeup giant Mac cosmetics has now made a foray into the virtual world of Sims4. The M.A.C x The Sims™ 4 collaboration marks the first makeup introduced to the life simulation video game. Mac Cosmetics Director of Makeup Artistry Romero Jennings will now be the man responsible to don your Sims with a variety of looks ranging from natural-inspired glam to bold paint-splatter eyeshadow. He has designed 12 fun makeup looks for The Sims 4: eyeliner, eyeshadow, lips, and cheeks. It’s a really cool collaboration that allows gamers to go all out and express themselves while keeping inclusivity and creativity in mind. All you need to do is update the Sims 4 base game for free and you’re set to get dolled up. Using the Create-A-Sim tool, you can customize its look by mixing and matching certain elements from all of the different designs. Romero has created these customizable makeup looks keeping in mind an array of skin tones. You can opt for a classic “Iconic Timeless Beauty,” that uses a smoky eye with a red lip, a combination that never goes wrong. For the more experimental, the apt look would be “Trend,” with bold blue and purple lids and a two-tone lip; or go creative and cute with the “Pop Culture” look that involves the use of vibrant hues and a bold statement. For more feminine choices you can either choose “Bold Entrance,” a hot pink shadow look, or simply stay “Neutral,” for those casual days.

At the end of the day, players decide how they want their avatars to look and feel. Players can mix and match to create a makeup look that feels most genuine to them so if you want to pair the eye shadow from the natural look with the lipstick from the bold design, you can definitely do that. We have loved always loved the collaboration of luxury brands with the gaming world but they usually ended with a capsule collection including jackets and sweatshirts. Mac has certainly paved a new way of being more integrated and an actual part of the game unlike other luxury brands like Moschino or Louis Vuitton. Do we smell a new trend emerging?

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