Louis Vuitton x League of Legends capsule collection now available with $5,650 leather jacket and more

The Louis Vuitton and League of Legends collaboration has been the talk of the town since September 2019. The capsule collection and prestige skins had a large population of the world waiting with butt loads of cash in their hands (or a slick credit card in most cases). It’s now time to spend all that money you stashed away and maybe a little more too. The Louis Vuitton x LOL collection has it all from $170 bandeau to a $5,600 leather jacket. One of our favorite pieces has to be the $670 t-shirt with League of Legends champion Qiyana on the front and back. This is obviously one from the lower end, the best pieces also come with the biggest price tags. For those who love fancy hoodies and biker jackets need to shell out a lot more, specifically $2,420 for the hoodie and a $5,650 for the killer leather biker jacket. The collection does look striking as all of the apparel and accessories combine the iconic LV pattern with the brand’s take on a League of Legends color palette which makes it look smashing.

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There are many takers for these products but for those who wouldn’t have enough, there’s always the option of purchasing League of Legends skin costing $10-15. Feeling bad right? Me too!


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