Chanel fined in China for fake claims on its $400 beauty creams that promise rejuvenation and overnight radiance but delivered zilch

The luxury brand that still holds the record for the most expensive ad ever made for $33 million should’ve just put some more effort into its Sublimage La Creme Texture Supreme and Le Blanc Masque Healthy Light Creator Mask cause these really expensive beauty products don’t do much (read: anything) to lighten freckles or inhibit melanin formation as claimed. The $400 sublimage la crème by Chanel promises skin rejuvenation after scientists traveled to the farthest reaches of the island of Madagascar in a quest to find the key to a unique anti-aging skincare product. But the truth is rather ugly as in reality both products are imported non-special-use cosmetics and their formulae do not indicate they contain ingredients with such functions which is why the China unit of Chanel has been fined 200,000 Yuan ($30,420) by the market watchdog of Jing’an District for false advertisement, Shanghai’s market regulators recently announced on their website. After tall claims of skin enhancements, the company could not provide a relevant laboratory report to prove such functions, which is incredibly shocking for a luxury brand like Chanel that has been around for decades. The $100 le blanc masque claims to work overnight and restore skin’s healthy pure light. The website claims that upon waking itself the complexion is luminous and refreshed. Skin is 23%* more radiant, 40%* more hydrated, and 23%* more even-toned.

The administration has kept a close eye on the brand stating more than 21,000 online clicks on the products were recorded during the release period of the ads, and more than 140 of the products had been sold. Chanel has obviously adjusted its ad content after the fine was imposed on November 12.

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Via – Xinhua

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