Christian Louboutin’s lip definer is the last lip pencil you’ll ever buy

The Christian Louboutin brand continues its slow but meticulous domination of the beauty market with a newly introduced Lip liner. After the instant success of the lipsticks launched earlier in the year, the brand has released a line of “Lip Definers” in five different nude shades. Considering that the nail and lip colors offered by the brand are all about high impact and variety, this sudden subtle turn is a little surprising, but not unwelcome.

The shades include Leanue, a paler beige; Nats, a rose tinted light brown; Maya, a café au lait color; Safki, a chocolate brown; and Ada a darker mahogany. Each of them can be worn alone or with a lip color. The colors are designed to emphasize the natural color of the lips and the product features a creamy texture that promises not to feather. It’s also long wearing, waterproof and transfer resistant.

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The pencil’s long and slender base has been inspired by calligraphy and the jewel like cap sports a ring that lets to turn your new favorite lip liner into a pendant or add it to your trusty keychain. The long dagger like design may not be the most practical, but it’s in keeping with the Louboutin aesthetic.

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The Christian Louboutin Lip Definers are priced at $40 and can be purchased online at Nordstrom.

[ Available at : Nordstrom ]

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