For $299, YSL’s AI powered lipstick pod will create an infinity of shades at your fingertips

For some undiscovered reason, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure powered by Perso, L’Oreal’s AI-powered lipstick device evokes thoughts of Picasso in front of a canvas. Of course, the genius barely had tube paints, so I can’t connect him to the Ai or technological aspects; however, the part where three different lipstick color pods squirt their liquid out at the top of the device for wearers to mix and paint on the canvas-of-a-face seems incredibly intriguing. L’Oréal has unveiled this beauty personalization technology at CES 2020, to completely transform the lipstick-lover world as this personal lip color maker promises ‘an infinity of shades at your fingertips.’ It’s an astounding idea, although it will take away the thrill of lipstick shopping and owning a rainbow of them. All a user needs is the iOS or Android app that includes a “shade wheel” for color selection. Another feature of the pod is the “shade match,” which creates a shade to complement an outfit or a favorite lipstick color through a photo, and lastly, “shade stylist,” which depends on a “smart algorithm” to choose between three shades that’ll best work with any outfit based on a photo. Users can also browse through creations and shades of other users along with “real-time trends” from “YSL experts” and other users. On selecting a color, press ‘create,’ and the machine will dispense a single serving that you can apply with the accompanying brush. The device comes across as one beneficial makeup product as it also includes a removable compact that you can bring out with you for touchups.

The pods dispense the YSL Beauty Velvet Cream Matte Finish formula from four color families: reds, nudes, oranges, and pinks. With a simple touch of a button, you can make an endless variety of hues using the three different pods. The device costs $299 and is available for preorder, and will reach you by early-spring. The Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure powered by Perso will be more widely available in September.

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[Via: The Verge]

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