La Prairie’s Platinum Rare serum is the last word in anti aging

When it comes to skincare specifically taking care of aging skin, the earlier one starts, the better. If you feel you have missed climbing on the anti-aging boat in your early thirties, fret not as La Prairie’s new Platinum protocol is coming our way with some of La Prairie’s most sophisticated and skin-rejuvenating scientific advancements yet. The Swiss luxury beauty brand has launched the Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Protocol intensive treatment. The products work at a cellular level, awakening your skin from deep within, and are a month-long intensive experience. La Prairie’s latest Platinum Rare serum is a breakthrough in anti-aging skincare and is sold as a set of three amethyst vials along with a Platinum Catalyst activator base. Each vial holds inside two separate chambers combining separate formulas that magically fuse with a satisfying click when twisted on the activator base. The treatment is intense, which is why La Prairie also recommends you only use the treatment intermittently four times a year.

The brand collaborated with minimalist composer Max Richter, who wrote “Platinum,” an evocative score for an accompanying short film exploring the passage of time, The Platinum Moment, and a collaborative installation by multimedia visual artist Nobohiro Nakanishi, Echo of Time. The La Prairie Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenation Protocol is extremely pricey as it is effective with a jaw-dropping price tag of over $2100.

[Available at Harrods]

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