Call the Joes – The Cobra tower skyscraper looks pure evil

So you are singing a tune from the Sound of Music and enjoying the light breeze that creeps though all the tall skyscrapers on the way to work, and suddenly you some in front of a gigantic reptile, towering over all the other buildings and blocking out light and air. The tune gets stuck in your throat and all you can do is gape. Those who have a fear of slithering reptiles would pass out, but the rest that brave it could be rest assured that the Cobra building will do no harm, but instead hiss wisdom, longevity and luck. This is a concept by Russian architect Vasily Klyukin, who feels a cobra tower in any urban city landscape, will make quiet a statement.

And why won’t it? Here is a tall snake-shaped building which ends with a head of a snake, mouth opened. As per the design the mouth will be a terrace area, perhaps, of a penthouse or a night club. The rest of the building will have a dual colour display symbolising the Chinese philosophy of yin-yang. As does a reptile, the building will ‘shed’ its colour at night to another shade. You can expect this powerhouse in your neighbourhood soon. Dubai and China will be paying attention, no doubt. Worse yet, designers will be seeking other animal anatomies to convert to an infrastructure trophy.

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[ Via : Designboom ]

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