Extending from a Honolulu tower this glass-bottomed swimming pool offers the most stunning views

If you’re a swimmer who doesn’t fear the heights, here’s an adventure-filled destination that may be perfect for you! We’re talking about a new 40-story residential building in Honolulu, on Oahu that features a pool suspended 80 feet in the air! Yes, that’s right! The vertigo-inducing swimming pool extends out from the seventh floor of the ‘Anaha’ complex and is ideal for those wanting a dash of adventure while whirling in the waters!

Designed by Chicago-based studio Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) in collaboration with local firm Benjamin Woo Architects, the pool is cantilevered 75 feet (23 meters) above the ground and features a transparent base that can be viewed from both the sides as well as the bottom. San Francisco-based Surfacedesign has been responsible for the landscape design, including the swimming facilities of the one-of-its-kind pool that’s provides a perfect spin on your regular swim session.

The residential building further features artfully designed public spaces, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues within it. It also includes green-blue glass cladding, chosen to mimic the colors of the nearby Pacific Ocean along with a stack of volumes with curving walls, offset from one another to look like waves, that tower up to 400 feet in height. Well, if nothing, here’s another reason to visit Hawaii at the soonest!

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